LRVC Press release

LRVC’s ultimate goal is to eradicate rabies disease from Laikipia County. The Laikipia Rabies Vaccination Campaign (LRVC) has completed its 2020 campaign to immunize domestic dogs and cats around Laikipia against rabies. This year, the LRVC team has exceeded the target of vaccinating 20,000 dogs and cats by vaccinating 21,493 domestic dogs and cats in Laikipia County.

The campaign began on December 3rd 2020 and officially launched by the Deputy Governor, Laikipia County H.E John Mwaniki.  There was a break on 19th Dec 2020 for the December holidays with a total of 8,003 dogs and cats had been vaccinated. The teams resumed in January and concluded the whole exercise in February 27th achieving a total number of 21,493 vaccinated dogs and cats.

The campaign is based at Mpala Research Centre, where vets from Laikipia County Government and community volunteers come together to support the campaign using science to benefit humans, domestic animals, and wildlife alike.  The success of this campaign has generously been supported by IUCN Save Our Species, co-funded by the European Union, Veterinarians International (VI), The Laikipia County Government, and Mpala Research Centre.

Planning for the LRVC 2020 campaign presented new challenges especially how to work with and in communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the campaign meticulous planning, we ensured that all the COVID-19 protocols were observed.

Communities reached:

  • Koija, Il Motiok, Kijabe, Musul, Tiememut, Nkiroriti, Doldol, Il Polei and surrounding areas
  • Dol dol, Kuri kuri, Makurian, Ol arjiju and Olkinyei
  • Maramoja, Naibor, Makandura, Lekiji, Endana, Juakali, Ireri 22, Ngarengiro, and surrounding areas
  • Mugumo, Mwireri, Umande, Chumvi, Borana and surrounding areas
  • Withare, Ngobit, Mwakinya, Tharua, Riacho, Matanya, Baraka and surrounding areas
  • Rumuruti, Kinamba, Maundu Meri, and surrounding areas
  • Nanyuki Likii, Nturukuma and environs
  • Mugie, Survey, Mowarak, Lorora and environs

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