Safety and security

Mpala is an isle of safety and security provided by a well-trained and managed team of both armed and unarmed staff, working under the watchful eye of our security manager and his supervisors.

The armed guards are part of the government’s National Police Reservists (NPR), and are trained and co-managed by both the security manager and the local police chief. They provide security for the whole property and for neighbouring communities.

The guards work to protect property, staff and guests both in the residences and in the field with deterrent activities (like foot and mobile patrols, physical surveillance, escort duties) against would be perpetrators. They also safeguard researchers, students and guests against threats posed by wildlife encounters. They respond to distress calls during emergencies through an established ‘Quick Response Team’.

Unarmed guards team up with the NPR in providing security; however they are better able to interact with guests and have one-on-one interaction. They give advice and guidance to guests to ensure their safety and security at all times while at Mpala.

All our entry points are gated and well secured by ‘Access Control’ security staff. The accommodation areas (including that of staff) are secured by an electric fence augmented by an active 24hr patrol. The department has and offers field security/ safety assistants and guides to teams going out to the field to ensure for their safety by providing early warnings, advice and guidance in case of an aggravated risk or threats.

The Centre also operates a 24hr manned ‘Security Control Center’ complete with a highly functional communications network, which links all operations and activities. This is the HUB of Mpala and acts as the first point of contact while at the Centre. A team of well trained, highly skilled, knowledgeable, and friendly security staff runs it — coordinating, reporting and following all events taking place in Mpala. They also network with neighbouring ranches and conservancies, and local communities.

Mpala also has a well-articulated and documented Risk/ Emergency Response Plan, which allows us to respond swiftly to both medical and security incidents, in times of need. This ensures that issues are addressed and acted upon in a timely and professional manner without compromising the safety or security of an individual.

We focus seriously on everyone’s safety and security, be it staff, researchers, students, guests or staff to ensure for their continued wellbeing during their stay with us.