All meals at Mpala are prepared and served in the dining area.
The dining area is also where you find both clean drinking water and hot water (for coffee or tea), which are available throughout the day.  

Mpala campus
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Princeton Dormitories 
The Princeton dormitories provide accommodation for school groups, Princeton students during their Spring course at Mpala, and Princeton interns during the summer. 
Researcher Accommodation
Mpala has a variety of accommodation for researchers, including several houses, each with full kitchen and bathrooms. There are also many bandas (huts) spread out on the grounds that are available to researchers.

Ranch House 
At the Mpala Ranch house, you are offered accommodation in one of eight luxurious bedrooms, along with all meals. You can enjoy breakfast and lunches in the garden, and wildlife sightings from the comfort of your verandah.

Ewaso Ng’iro River Camp
Located 4km from the Main Centre, the Ewaso Ng’iro River Camp has 16 fully furnished twin bed tents placed along the riverbank.

Each tent has a porch area where researchers and students can relax and watch the river or wildlife passing by on the opposite bank. A central tent, with tables and camp chairs, functions as a lecture hall and dining area. There is a shower and bathroom block at each end of the camp.

Graham Library

The Graham Library provides a comfortable reading and working space.

Here you will find guidebooks to birds and mammals, as well as reference books on ecology and conservation. There are also back copies of select African journals. 
A 60-seat lecture and meeting hall is attached to the Graham Library and is equipped with LCD, slide and overhead projectors. 

The Levinson’s gym has some basic equipment and a full bathroom with shower.