Kids Corner:

You can become an entomologist!

In honor of World Environment Day, Mpala will host a special reading and chat with our own Executive Director Dr. Dino J. Martins. Sharing his children’s book on entomology, Dr. Martins will engage kids of all ages on what it means to explore the world around us.

June 5, 2020
10:00 AM EDT /  5:00 PM EAT

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Children of all ages will enjoy a chance to “learn how real scientists observe insects, capture them to study up close, and release them back into the wild.” See here for a preview of the colorful, engaging book or herehere, or here to order ahead of Friday and read along!

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Stay tuned for more virtual events from Mpala, including topics of virology and vaccines, entomology in the news, cutting-edge genomics research, and more Kids Corner events, including:

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