IUCN Save Our Species award

We are extremely delighted on the IUCN Save Our Species award! This brings forth some next 2-3 years of sensational research and conservation as we work to recover the once ‘best-thriving’, and globally important population of the Ewaso African wild dog.

This grant from IUCN Save Our Species / European Union could not have come at a better time; immediately after a population crash of this species in the Ewaso ecosystem and just after the population starts to blossom once again. Through this project, we will work to address the two main threats to the wild dog population, infectious disease and persecution by people.

To more exciting news, the currently only pack in Laikipia is once again denning and we cannot wait to meet our new puppies in a few weeks. It cannot be any better! in the next few years, we hope to build back the population.

Massive thanks to IUCN Save Our Species and the European Union.

With the support of IUCN Save Our Species, co-funded by the European Union

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