Wildlife Interventions

What happens when wildlife requires medical attention?

Humans and pets are not the only animals that require medical attention; the wildlife around Mpala, and nearby conservancies, can also suffer from injuries. These may come about when they get caught in wire snares setup by poachers or get a bone fracture from some mishap that takes place as a result of the rocky and uneven grounds that cover savannah ecosystems. Mpala and the nearby conservancies have wildlife veterinarians who can provide medical attention when an animal suffers an injury.

At Mpala rangers monitor the ranch to make sure that things are running smoothly. If a ranger spots an injured animal it is reported to Mpala’s veterinary fellow, Maureen Kamau. She then goes out into the field to determine if medical intervention is necessary. If it seems that the animal requires medical attention the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) will be notified to send a team of vets to assess and act on the situation.

Mpala works closely with KWS to make sure the wildlife is well taken care of and stays healthy. In the future, Mpala hopes to obtain veterinary equipment that will make it possible to respond more quickly to animal injuries and relieve them of any discomfort sooner.