Spatial data and maps

Mpala collects and manages various spatial data sources that can be mapped in geographic information systems. General base layer data and additional data is available, and can be obtained upon request, using the Data Access Form.

Maps of Mpala and Laikipia County

Map of Mpala Research Centre and Ranch (297 downloads)
Map of Ewaso Nyiro Ecosystem (278 downloads)

Maps of Laikipia County

Laikipia county contains a range of landscapes due to its variation in elevation and water availability. Below are county-level maps of elevation, landcover, and vegetation.

Laikipia County Elevation map (275 downloads)
Laikipia County Landcover map (278 downloads)
Laikipia County Vegetation Cover (274 downloads)

The data is fully summarized in the following publications:
Franz, T.E., Caylor, K.K., Nordbotten, J.M., Rodriguez-Iturbe, I., Celia, M.A. (2010) An ecohydrological approach to predicting regional woody species distribution patterns in dryland ecosystems. Advances in Water Resources, Vol. 33, pp. 215-230.

Franz, T.E. Ecohydrology of the Upper Ewaso River Basin, Kenya. Master’s Thesis. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Princeton University, pp. 143, 2007.