Friends of MWF

Thank You

I deeply appreciate the support we receive each year from our friends. Without the generosity of our past and present supporters, Mpala would not be what it is today. I am pleased to recognize below those who have demonstrated their commitment to our mission through gifts large and small.

The Ndovu Society honors donors who have contributed donations $5,000 and above, the Kudu Society thanks donors who have contributed donations between $1,000 - $4,999, and the Grevy's Zebra Society recognizes donors who have contributed up to $999.  

Thank you for your continued support!

- Margaret Kinnaird, former Executive Director

NDOVU SOCIETY ($5,000 and above)
Berner, Guy & Marilyn 
Graham, Donald & Ingrid 
Harvey, George & Laurel 
Higgins, Tracey  & James Leitner
Keller, Dennis & Connie
King, Robert & Emmy 
McBean, Edith
Meeker, Elisabeth 
Templeton, John 

KUDU SOCIETY ($1,000 - $4,999)
Appell, Louis & Jody
Clapp, Ann
Dobson Family Fund of the Princeton
            Area Community Foundation
Eisenhart Jr., William
Gonya, Jeffrey & Ann
Hale, Hap & Ann Pattee
Harvey, Curran & Marjorie
Kahn, Steven & Florence
Keller, Templeton & Kerry
Kindig, Joseph & Silvia
Lanahan, Michael & Leslie
Linneman, Peter & Kathleen
McLean, Taylor & Patti
Porensky, John & Lauren
Rubenstein, Roy & Alida
Ryan, Steven & Ann
Snook, Laura
Steffens, John & Louise
Taylor, Louise
Van Dyke, George & Beth
Willard, Chris & Gail
Wolf, Coni 
Balter, Nancy
Banghart, Byron & Martha
Barton, Meta
Berger, Susyn & Barry Jacobs
Berney, Kay
Beurskens, Frank & Jan
Budd, Ralph & Lenore
Cheatham, Harry
Coleman, Kim & Payson
DeGroff, Marion
Ende, Howard & Norma
French, George
Hallock, Frieda
Hamilton, Gloria
Harvey, Ellen & Tad Sperry
Harvey, George & Laurel
Harvey, Judy
Harvey, Nancy & Robert
Hendrickson, John
Hickok, Jessica
Hickok, Lauree & Gregory
Higgins, James & Karen
Jensen, Alice & Jay
Keesey, Horace
Keller, Templeton & Kerry
Kittler, Fred
Kuklenski, Bill Tubbs & Mary Kay
Lahnston, Anton & Alison
Lampton, Nancy
Larison, Brenda & Thomas Smith
Laverty, Theresa
Lee, Janet & Marshall
Lennon, Susan
Lotze, Michael & Joan Harvey
Magladery, John
Marquez-Wallace, Sophia
Martin, Genevieve
Mayberry, Doug
Murray, Edward & Cynthia
O’Brien, Ellen & Tom
Obaza, Jane
Rankin, Diana
Ridgely, Beverly & Barbara
Rohrbach, Dabney & Steven
Rubenstein, Nancy & Dan
Schnabel, Andrew
Schulman, Dara
Sheppard, Christine
Shomer, Scott & Cynthia Riginos
Stebbins, Cynthia
Stevens, Julie
Stevenson, Margaret
Stewart, Evelyn
Stuart, Kelly  & Sandy Harcourt
Stump, Herman
Templeton, John
Trese, Andrea
Wilgis, Shaw & Betsy
Williams, Dennis & Debra
Winstead, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas
Wolfe, Brian
Wright, Steve & Dayle
Zug, James & Debra