Mobile Clinic

The clinic was established through the vision and the determination of Shanni Wreford-Smith.  In 1999 Shanni approached the trustees of Mpala Ranch with her idea to provide mobile health services for the surrounding communities that were clearly in need of urgent humanitarian assistance.  The original owner of the ranch, George Small, agreed to purchase a vehicle and allowed the clinic to establish its home base on Mpala Ranch.  Originally the clinic operated under the name, Mpala Community Trust.

Since its inception the clinic has steadily expanded its geographical footprint from Laikipia to include wide swaths of Northern Kenya in Samburu, Isiolo and Meru.  And it has further extended its community based family planning services to Nakuru County located in central Kenya.

Over time the Mpala Community Trust was transformed into the Community Health Africa Trust (CHAT).

Though CHAT is a non-profit, Community Based Organization (CBO), it works in close partnership with the Kenyan Ministry of Health (MOH) and several other partners.  The MOH provides quality control supervision along with commodities, such as HIV test kits. In return CHAT reports monthly to the MOH, assisting them to reach more people, to achieve their annual targets, and to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

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