Children in Need: Mpala Children's Education Fund


An Mpala child entering Grade 1 has only a 6% chance of graduating from high school. Once children leave Mpala Academy after Class 5 and parents must begin to share responsibility for supporting their education, drop out rates become high. This is especially serious for young girls because parents tend to favour boys when funds are limited. With the Mpala Children's Education Fund, we aim to change these statistics.

Our goals include:

* Increasing the annual contribution to the Mpala Children's Fund to $20,000
* Improving and expanding learning facilities
* Hiring new teachers to provide better student/teacher ratios
* Enabling successful students to seek secondary education

Your gift, in any amount, helps educate our Mpala children. From paying for uniforms, school supplies, teacher salaries, or transportation and tuition off-site, financial support at every level ensures that basic education needs are met. Even the smallest amount can improve a life.

* $75 (USD) will fund the education of a child through one year of primary education.
* $300 will finance a child through his or her first 4 formative years at the Mpala Primary School or for the final 4 years at an off-site primary school.
* $500 will pay for one year of a child's secondary education (grades 9-12)
* $1,500 will support a teacher's salary for one year

Sponsor a Child
With an extraordinary donation of $2,000, you provide an incredible opportunity for a child by sponsoring his or her full primary and secondary education.

Please send your pledges by check to:
Mpala Wildlife Foundation
PO Box 137
Riderwood, MD 21139-0137

Or email Jane Obaza for more information or details.

The Mpala Wildlife Foundation is a recognized 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. All U.S. donor contributions are fully tax deductible.