Alakara Women's Group

Alakara Women’s Group was formed by the women from Mpala Research Centre’s community village in late 2011. The women gather together weekly to create one of a kind keepsakes, which are sold through a display case located in MRC’s Dining Hall. All proceeds return directly to the women from the village, and in turn benefit the extended families of all of Mpala’s community.

Who are some of the women of Alakara?

Everlyn came to Mpala in 2008 and is the first Kenyan female research assistant to participate in long term research initiatives at MRC. Everlyn joined Alakara because she is interested in learning business skills and becoming an ambassador for Mpala. She is inspired to learn more about women’s co-op groups and to see the incredible power of communities working together.

Eunice is a long term Mpala community member and the head of our Kitchens here at Mpala. Eunice was a founding member of Alakara and joined because she wanted to support Mpala’s women in learning a new skill set while gaining extra income for themselves and their families. Eunice hopes that Alakara will help the women of Mpala learn about empowerment and their inherent strength as women. Eunice loves how Alakara allows the women a platform to share their stories and burdens, and work together to become stronger.

Amina first arrived to Mpala in 2001. Since this time she has been a leading member of the accommodations team and she takes great care of the guests who visit MRC each year. Amina decided to join Alakara to provide additional financial support to her growing family. Amina loves to work with the other women from Mpala’s community and is happy to relate to Mpala’s guests through her beadwork.

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